Microsoft Lync 2010 Conversation Translator allows you to send and receive instant messages with Microsoft Lync using the Microsoft Bing translation service. Bilingual users can provide translation feedback to help improve the service.


To install Microsoft Lync 2010 Conversation Translator click the link below. Once the installer finishes please restart Lync to complete the changes (*).

(*) Note: The installer adds http://ConversationTranslator.cloudapp.net to your trusted sites list in Internet Explorer.

Getting started

Once installed you can find Conversation Translator on the More options >> menu in a Lync conversation. Be sure to enable Microsoft Lync 2010 Conversation Translator before you need it. For privacy reasons Microsoft Lync 2010 Conversation Translator cannot access messages that you received prior to it being started.

Selecting languages

Use the Options menu to select the language options for your conversation.

Setting your language

The My Language list allows you to set the language you would like to view. Incoming messages are translated to the language you select.

Ensuring your recipient can read your messages

You can control whether messages you send are translated before you send them.

They can translate

If the recipient has Lync with Microsoft Lync 2010 Conversation Translator or a translator for their messaging program then it is best not to translate messages before you send them. Disabling outgoing translations allows the most versatile options for a conversation. You can communicate with multiple recipients without regard for the language that they wish to receive.

They need you to translate

If the recipient cannot provide their own translation for your messages then you can enable outgoing translations and select a language. You have the option to preview the translation before it is sent.

Listening to the translation

For some languages a speaker icon will appear next to incoming messages. Click the icon to hear a pronunciation. Pronunciations are available for Chinese, Dutch, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Sending feedback

You can specify the languages that you can read and write by using the My Languages tab in the Options menu. If the incoming message is in a language that you can read and it gets translated into another language you can read then you can provide feedback to the system on the translation.

  • Rate the translation quality based on whether it is accurate or not accurate for an instant message conversation.
  • If you have a suggested translation you can enter it.

Hiding the mixed-language conversation

Lync shows the mixed-language conversation in the left pane while Microsoft Lync 2010 Conversation Translator shows the conversation entirely in your language in the right pane. You can hide the mixed-language conversation and focus entirely on the conversation in your language by clicking the vertical bar between the two windows.

Privacy notice

When using Microsoft Lync 2010 Conversation Translator your conversation will be sent for translation over the internet unencrypted to the Microsoft® Translator service. For more information visit MicrosoftTranslator.com.